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The Benefits of a Salt Water Pool - Part Two


5.) Easy to maintain

Normally, you test and balance your water, sprinkle in some shock, and repeat the process every few days.

With salt water pools, pool owners can set it and forget it. Really.

Since a salt water generator has its “chlorine supply” (salt cell) built in, there’s no need to add chlorine to the pool. The generator does that for you.

And this means that if you miss a week or two of pool maintenance, you won’t come home to a war zone of murky imbalanced water.

6.) Prevents surprise algae growth

In the summertime, when it’s sunny and humid from dawn till dusk, missing a few days of pool maintenance can mean the difference between crystal clear water, and a cloudy green swamp of a pool.

That is, unless, you’re talking about a salt water pool.

Since salt water pools handle chlorine distribution automatically, your water stays balanced much longer. Now that doesn’t mean that you no longer have to balance all the other chemicals. A generator only manages chlorine levels.

7.) More cost effective

Chlorine and shock need to be restocked and added to your pool constantly.

A salt cell only needs replacement every 3 – 5 years. Need we say more?

8.) Safer than chlorine

If you’ve ever tried storing chlorine in a poorly ventilated area, then you likely noticed that distinct, chemical smell every time you got near.

Not only are those odors a complete turn off to the senses, they’re also harmful to inhale. And if pure liquid chlorine touches your skin, it can sometimes cause instant irritation.

Which is why almost all chemical-based chlorine products have long warning labels regarding proper storage and handling

On the other hand, a salt water pool benefits you by keeping its chemical supply tucked away and hidden within the generator. Far away from human contact. Also, salt cells don’t have a smell, nor are they toxic to humans.

9.) Pool automation compatible

Have a pool automation system?

Your salt water generator can be integrated into it. Which means that with certain pool automation systems, you can monitor and control everything from chlorine levels and temperature to the brightness of your underwater lights. All while being miles away.

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New Salt Water Pool Under Construction by Casablanca Homes

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